Online Education Might be More Affordable Than People Think

Online learning is a convenient and affordable way to gain important new skills. It offers flexibility that can’t be matched by in-person training and can be done practically anywhere. Moreover, some courses can be absolutely Free!


However, not all providers offer the same caliber of education. The last thing you want is to pay for a course that turns out to be incomplete, outdated, or inaccurate.

Udemy is an online education provider that’s special among its peers. Here’s why.


There are over 100,000 courses available on Udemy. Their most popular categories include Business, IT & Software, Design, Music, Photography, and Marketing, with a huge range of courses available within each. But that’s just the beginning.

You can also explore Religion & Spirituality, Parenting & Relationships, or Stress Management. Delve into Data Science, Game Development, or e-Commerce. You can even learn how to train your dog! Any subject that interests you is likely to be available on Udemy.


All of the courses offered on Udemy are self-paced. They typically include video lectures, written materials, and a Certificate of Completion. Some courses have a few assignments, but rarely will you be tested on your new knowledge.

You don’t have to meet any enrollment deadline or finish the course within a time limit. In fact, once you purchase a course, you generally have lifetime access to it. That means you can refresh your skills by reviewing the materials again at any point in the future.

Pay as you go

For individuals using Udemy, payment is by the course. This allows students to decide how far they want to go within a particular subject. No one gets locked into multiple courses that they might not want. In the rare case that you purchase a course that really doesn’t work for you, Udemy offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

For companies, Udemy has a subscription model that provides unlimited access to the site’s top 4,000 business-related courses.

Choose your teacher

The course leaders on Udemy are all experienced in their fields, but because there are many course options available within each subject, you get to choose the professor that best matches your particular learning style. To help you do this, you’ll find reviews from students who have already taken the course published right alongside the course description.

What Udemy is not

Udemy offers a ton of courses on just about any subject you can imagine. However, none of them are designed to deliver a formal accreditation at the end. A Certificate of Completion verifies that you have at least accessed all of the course materials, but not that you passed a test on the information provided. That allows Udemy to offer extremely affordable education, but might not be ideal for all needs.